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Sharyn's Puppies


This page is for Sharyn's puppies, so if you are interested in any of them please call Sharyn 0406420054 

Our Prices start at $3000 yes we are negotiable but you have to call me

All puppies are vaccinated, micro chipped, come with pedigree papers with Dogs Australia(ANKC). The only accredited bred association in Australia, associated with the FCI.

They are brought up in the family home with other dogs and cats. 

They are wormed from 2 weeks of age, introduced to toileting inside on grass mats and outside.


Brought up on premium food Royal Canin and Advance, also fresh meat.

We are Located in Queensland with the closest airport is Brisbane.  Sharyn is in Gympie.


Please check out our conditions of purchase page before you contact us all basic questions are answered there.

PRICES Our prices reflect our hard work and dedication that we put into our dogs. It comes down to making sure genetic testing is up to date as new tests become available all the time, introducing new lines to better our dogs and their over all health and wellbeing. We are also making sure we find the right home for our dogs this includes puppies and sometimes adult dogs.  If you think that you could be that home please give us a call and let us get to know you, cause at the end of the day we will have a say on how we can help you to add a new family member to your family. So we hope that you just don't read the website  but try and contact us by giving us a call. As you never know...


Prices are;

$3000 for a limited registered ANKC puppy within Australia only. Will fly interstate at your cost. Price is negotiable but you will have to give us a call, not a text message, not a email, just a good old phone call.

$5000 for international buyers. Our Price includes keeping the pup up to 15 weeks old as pups can fly from the age of 12 weeks old. If pups have to stay any longer than 15 weeks there will be boarding fees on top of your purchase price. Main registered Papers with the FCI and a Full DNA Profile. Your pup will be fully vaccinated to Australian Rules which is a C5 and kennel cough vaccination. If your country has different standard or requirements for vaccinations we will not cover these as they are not standard to us and our regular vet and we would have to find a different vet who does these vaccinations, this will be a extra cost to you. If your country requires blood test as part of the process this will be a cost to you also.  Flights are at your cost as well. 

**We will sell on main register only when we need to.**


To ANKC financial members only. $5000 conditions apply or private treaty.

Also we will not sell to anyone under the age of 18 unless we talk with your parents.  We do prefer a phone call above everything else and we will not take any enquiry seriously unless you call.

Sharyn 0406420054​

This page was updated  21st August 2023

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