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Purchasing Terms & Conditions

When we have a litter we will notify you that they have arrived,  There will be no choosing or any photos be sent out until they are 3 weeks old once we know they are healthy.  I will contact you if you are on my wait list.  No deposit will be taken until you have chosen a pup and I will require a deposit of $500 within 24 hours of you choosing your pup, so please make sure you are ready for this puppy.  Final payment is due after they have been to the vet and have a clean bill of health from the vet at 6 weeks old.

We will fly pup’s interstate at your cost.  I will arrange quote and what date they fly as I live 2 hours from Brisbane. Pups will fly at a minimum of 8 weeks. With restricted flights we will still fly interstate but it may take a little longer or you can try by road but we prefer fly as it is the quickest way to get your new family member to you.

Yes we will fly internationally this will be at your cost.  The pups will fly at 16 weeks of age once they have been fully vaccinated. 

We use Areopets for all our puppies travelling including the ones going internationally.  We started to use them 12 months ago at the start of the Corona crisis and they have been brilliant with us, when the other company that we had been using for 12 years failed us.

Registration is with the ANKC this is for their pedigrees and has nothing to do with your council registration you have to arrange your local council registration for you pup.

Health guarantee

At the time of sale, I the breeder acknowledge the pup is in the best health I know at the time it leaves me.  Vaccination records will be sent onto the new owner with the pup or before by mail if the pup is flying.  You are encouraged to get your new pup checked by a vet within 72 hours of arrival at your cost.  If there are any major health problems found, you will be entitled to a full refund once the pup is return to me at your cost.  This refund policy does not cover illness or death resulting from neglect or abuse.  

When it comes to environmental health of your pup that is your responsibility so do not over exercise your pup, do not allow it to walk up and down stairs or allow them to jump.  Feed you pup a well-balanced diet.  Health issues that can arise from environment is environmental hip and elbow dysplasia, diabetes, epilepsy, OCD and other conditions that cannot be tested for as environment and treatment of the comes onto the owner.  I the seller are not liable for the above conditions due to the pup is your responsibility in your care.  There will be no compensation environment health issues.

If you can no longer keep the dog, you must contact me to determined what is the best way to handle this, I will be more than happy to have to dog brought back to me.  If the dog is under 6 months old you will get no more than half of the purchase price, up to 12 months a quarter of the purchase price.  If over 12 month we will need to come to an agreement.  If the dog is not de-sexed this will come out of your refund.  You will have 14 days to accept these terms.

If you do not agree to my terms, please do not contact me.


Prices are;

$3500 for a limited registered ANKC puppy within Australia only.

If you purchase a limited registered puppy and want to become a breeder down the track, we will be happy to help you with this. But you will have to pay the upgrade price whatever the difference is from your purchase price. This will go for either breed association Dogs Australia (ANKC) and Master Dog Breeders Association (MDBA)

$5000 for international buyers. Our Price includes keeping the pup up to 15 weeks old as pups can fly from the age of 12 weeks old. If pups have to stay any longer than 15 weeks there will be boarding fees on top of your purchase price. Main registered Papers with the FCI and a Full DNA Profile. Your pup will be fully vaccinated to Australian Rules which is a C5 and kennel cough vaccination. If your country has different standard or requirements for vaccinations we will not cover these as they are not standard to us and our regular vet and we would have to find a different vet who does these vaccinations, this will be a extra cost to you. If your country requires blood test as part of the process this will be a cost to you also.  Flights are at your cost as well. 

We will sell on main register only when we need to. To ANKC financial members only. $5000 conditions apply or private treaty.

Terms and conditions are subject to change without notice.

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