Puppy Availability

We have puppies on the way.  Bringing together both exceptional temperaments and type, with Skye and Ren.  Please fill out an application and give us a call, to get on the waitlist.

We only keep a small waitlist, once we know we have babies on the way, once that litter has been sold we wont keep a long term waitlist.  If you want to get on the wait list, you must read the website as all the information is on there including price, send in the application and give Sharyn a call.


Once you are on the wait list we will notify you when they have arrived. Then you just have to be patient and wait.  If your not patient and want to keep looking please be honest with us as we will not put you on the list, a lot of people do this and like to waste our time and other breeders time. No deposit will be taken until you are allocated a pup, this will happen from 3 weeks old.   If you after a pacific colour or sex and we do not have what your wanting you might have to wait longer.  We can only guess what colours may come out as for boys and girls that is just pot luck.  So really think about what you want because if you limit your self we might not be able to help you.

Just a little information on how puppies are made(hehe).  Our girls will come into season anywhere from every 6 months to maybe 12 months sometimes even longer.  They are pregnant for 9 weeks, then we wont let pups go until they are 8 weeks. So that is a 4 month wait once they have been mated.  Then once they are here anything can happen this is why we do not do photos until they are 3 weeks old by then they should be safe.

Please make sure you read and go to  the Conditions of Purchase page for Puppy Application form.